Rare Findings

I went to the Mathura Museum in the folds of Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh (a state in India). Housed in a tangle of inroads, the coil of the holy river which strangulates tiny temples and link homes of priests, feeding calves trot along side an indistinguishable road to this flat roof site. You literally go through hell to arrive at this haven of ancient sculptures, just assembled in a large hall, with rooms leading off from an open courtyard. Read on about this museum and you’ll discover that if you somehow manage to land up there  your eyes will rest upon rows and rows of ancient findings dated all the way back to the 3rd century B.C. Statues of ancient rulers, buddhist disciples, vaishnav-shaivism figurines and highly aesthetic displays of carvings of women -in their natural- exposed and proud poses can be found, not to mention the first ever ‘Dancing Shiva’ figurine.

My Version of the Mother-Baby statue Found in the Museum

Visit the website if you want:  (http://mathuravrindavan.com/mathura/museum.htm)

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