India’s ‘Crime Patrol’ Succeeds to Stupefy

Last night I bothered to stay awake and watch this:

Crime Patrol Episode 60

It’s Sony channel’s much sought after show, usually dealing with re-enactments of real life cases which have taken place in every nook and corner of this nation. This particular episode took place in Gurgaon- a so called new urban cosmopolitan township off the Southern tip of Delhi, in the state of Haryana.Now this is no rumour or folklore, but patriarchal Haryana scores pretty high in female foeticide and Khap Panchayat ‘death’ rulings. The episode tells us the story of Ankita Sharma, Continue reading “India’s ‘Crime Patrol’ Succeeds to Stupefy”

Unrest in Peace

From a visit to my grand-aunt, after her husband passed away. He was a charming man who lived past 85, and had the kindest soul in the family. When we visited his now widowed wife, all she cried about was her maid not turning up to clean the kitchen. Her tears paused as she even told us about how another maid was kicked out, because she was pregnant and was of no use. She didn’t want to put her up at her house anymore.
My grand-aunt’s husband was arranged to marry her. She resembled a “pretty doll”  in her youth. I always wondered if he loved her and almost asked him last winter when I was going through his old photo-album. I saw pictures of him, so young, dancing with full figured women who had curled up hair and wore tight 50’s frocks. He had such a bright face.
I wondered, but I never asked.

Back Streets Of SanFran City

A police officer was having a little chat with the bouncer of a stripper joint. It was something about how he liked women from Russia and East Europe, how they were easier to employ, they were more eager to provide their services at any hour. She took in the information and gave him the final push with "Alright, so I'm looking for a 20yr old, Russian...."

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