I Survived a Fest!

Barely a week to put up an entire photography exhibition from scratch in front of a crowd of 17000 (that’s right..Crazy ain’t it?), me and 16 other girls (plus their friends who got no credit for the amount of hardwork they put in) banded together with grudges and inhibitions to gather photo submissions from people who weren’t keen on coming to our annual college festival , and seeking numerous¬† permissions for various little changes from teachers and staff who didn’t really care! We managed to get it done, and here are a few pictures of what the results were like:

So that was that…And amidst the other drama we had regarding a certain company that kept on badgering us with their weird demands, I managed to get backstage for the Choreo Competition. Here are a few shots from our college team’s performance, see if you can follow the steps!

A ‘Howdy’ From Hindu College, New Delhi

‘Mecca’ The Hindu College Annual Fest

We read that it was the ‘Baap of all fests’ every where on every poster, but ended up spotting real interesting Baapus on the campus.

I presumed he was a gardener..But then again he could have been any other bloke chilling with the flowers and bushes.
There were quite a few of these extremely Hindu looking men, adding to the aura of 'Hindutva'
And if you stared at them long enough, they turned out to be quite creepy. Like Hannibal Lecture creepy. Mum said they're always high on drugs. I think I might have nightmares tonight.
The surroundings were spaced out and quite quaint
In some corner or the other, people did recreational activities, like balancing off each other with stern faces

What I loved about my visit to Hindu College, was the fact that I got to hang out a typical North Campus area with (boys) good maggi, street stalls, the sight of people everywhere practicing something or the other, loads of colleges all around, and the fact that it made me miss my own college even more. I walked out of Hindu almost whacking myself for taking things granted about the place I study in; its grounds, crowd and general homeliness to it, really bedazzles anyone who waltzes in.