Can’t Be Real….

After you’ve fought with the stripey uniform guy at the popcorn counter, and coveted a cold bottle of water with a hot samosa, you manage to sit yourself down with your buddies (in my case-parents) and wait for the theatre to darken , and the people to quieten down (which never happens, so wait for an eternity folks!).

What then is expected to bedazzle you is an enjoyable masala movie, with lots of colours and jatka matka music. It’s all okay until ”OH NO HERE WE GO AGAIN”, the entire thing starts to bubble and crack like cheap chocolate! The heroine loves the dude, even though he’s a sleazy thief (because he’s an honest man), the dude jumps down from the top level of a building, lands on his feet and punches the baddie (because he’s an incarnation of Vishnu) and finally, after getting stabbed he lives on (because you cannot close a movie without the ‘hero’s’ final dialogue scene) , okay?

And why do we have to subject ourselves to this? Because the motto of Indian cinema has been made to be : ‘Watch to Escape’.

The moment we accept the notion that people watch movies to escape their real lives, we imbibe our stories with this sort of escapist mentality. In Indian cinema, every movie churned out feeds into the unrealistic/fantasy-driven need of viewers, who end up leaving theatres feeling cheated for having to face the real world outside. And look at our society. It’s a little messed up no? Realistic movies should just be the law for a while. All films should cause people to ask themselves questions which they wouldn’t otherwise do. Would this in turn create a sense of apathy when it comes to dealing with others in real life? Maybe.

Cinema should be about plucking the emotions of viewers, testing their ability to see two sides of everything. What we have (and are trying to get away from, although it’s pretty hard) is a flat, safe canvas of a story line, where a person is good and strives to fight against a baddie , and whose point of view of the plot is the only peep hole we get into the story. This in itself is unrealistic. Because any account of an event or a person’s life, is highly subjective.

This reminds me of what a  philosopher stated once; ‘We are all minor characters in the lives of others and lead actors in our own’.
I mean getting choked with unrealistic representations of what’s real and ordinary can’t be too good for the system.

I don’t mind embarrassing myself a little for the sake of this post; but I remember how I felt at the age of 11, after walking out of Dil Chahta Hai. I had to go to a strict convent like school the next morning, pondering over when my trip to Goa would take place ever in my life, or when I’d be granted the freedom to rev my car up to drive to a friend’s house in the middle of the night. Obviously this hasn’t happened yet, and I’m 22……Time to gorge on halwa to feel normal again.

So to make my point more clear I say that, ‘When society repeatedly experiences glossy, hollowed out, pseudo stories, it degenerates’.  (Robert McKee)

Let’s pinch ourselves.

‘Hey Girl’

I just embarked upon an ongoing meme centering Ryan Gosling , called ‘Hey Girl’. I know we all love this man to bits so I don’t think this meme will die out so soon!

You Sweet Beast. Slurp.

What the hey is this Meme thingo?

The term ‘Internet meme’ is used to describe a concept that spreads via the Internet. The term is a reference to the concept of memes, although the latter concept refers to a much broader category of cultural information. It should be pronounced to rhyme with ‘cream’.

clotted cream

An Internet meme is an idea that is propagated through the World Wide Web. The idea may take the form of a hyperlink, video, picture, website, hashtag, or just a word or phrase, such as intentionally misspelling the word “more” as “moar” or “the” as “teh”. The meme may spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, news sources, or other web-based services.

Apparently, the basic concept behind the hilarious blog, F**k Yeah! Ryan Gosling, is: What if you and Ryan were involved, and he said “Hey Girl” a lot? Examples :

What the guy actually has to say:

One Way or the Other

I’m currently reading two books at the same time. I’m not sure if it’s a common thing- or normal even, but it sure does make things rather thrilling. Especially when it’s
4am and you’ve got the story lines confused. It just adds a little spice to something that’s already so beautiful…Like some cutting cinnamon with a dash of cardamom to a sweet vanilla cupcake. People have told me that the habit is unhealthy for someone who wants to be a full-time writer. “How can you be a writer if you can’t focus on one story or a book?” They ask without wanting a thoughtful answer. I have also been told that such a thing will only further exacerbate my mild attention deficit disorder.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a double sided approach. By reading two completely different books, won’t I get a more varied perspective on life and the world? I guess it’s” commendable”  for a literature student to read a classic and the modern equivalent of it in some graphic novel, since it would heighten his/her understanding of the text and the times, however that person would be slightly overloading his/her brain with the same information in two different forms. It’s like watching these two old movie clips :

These two movies have the same plot, and were made in the same year:

I found something more worthwhile though…When I watched the trailer of this film, it reminded me of another movie with a similar title:

The Funny-Light version:

The Heart Wrenching Depressive one:

So you see two similar types of stories which have been coloured in by totally different shades. I would love to wrap myself in a thin old woolly blanket with chewy chips to watch these two together one day-pausing one movie half way, to do the same with the other and resume back to it again. Yes that would be extremely nerve racking for the person who happens to join me for the session, but I think it’ll be an experiment worth the grouchy company.

Riding the Crimson Wave

I grab my ”cuppa” this morning and sit myself down on the couch, at 1pm. I have an exam this week and I’ve developed a great routine for procrastinating. The television guide is up on my screen and with each sip my jaw clenches itself and my eyes roll, because this week-the week that I have my exams, they bloody well decide to show the best movies of all time…..

One after the other. Gattaca, V for Vendetta, Taxi Driver,The Mummy (hey I love that one), Out of Sight, Mission Impossible-just to name a few, and it absolutely killed me.

Something To Kick Start The Damn Day

I then went online, and discovered that Mindy Kaling was having her book launch and signing event.

Okay…that was a great read- but what if the first part of what was written didn’t affect you? What if you were like me and you didn’t reach your high point after you left school (throughout which you were totally not involved with anything)? You’ve entered your 20’s and you still don’t know what the hell to do with yourself or where to direct your life. You like so many things, but oh shit-dayum how do you get around to them….You think of ways of making cash here and there by doing the things you luuurve, your little imaginary ventures, while you sit staring at the soft toilet roll in the palm of your hands.Girls like good ol’ Mindy, grew with motives and a master plan tucked into their uniform pockets. I didn’t and that’s what makes me feel older even though my life hasn’t ‘begun’ yet.

These Things Help Me Think

On the flip side you do have young guns out there who have worked out pretty much everything. I bet you know of a young 18yr old who’s just out of school and preparing for her Med Entrances, all set with a wildly amazing final percentage, beaming with pride as she enrolls herself into a good (“but not thaaaat great”) college just for the heck of it, to  pass some time till she gets into a ”reeeaal college”. However, from what I’ve seen, life doesn’t save her tush from the clamp down either. She needs to talk to someone ”reliable” (a behenji like moi) in order to get her head straight about doing this whole med-shebang or not. People with cloudy authority around her (ooh maybe her parents? Gee Whiz) feel strongly about the fact that for a girl, medicine takes way too long to show its shine, and it’s really only for focused people who have the capacity to undertake such a life long serious task. Not this girl, thinking about her boyfriend all the time, likes to sit back and watch inane t.v shows once in a while, enjoys the movies. She’s not “able enough” to take up their annual earnings and proceed with doing something, strangely that she’s after in life (instead of the typical equation of parents forcing medicine onto their kids as a career and study choice). Somehow in some bizarre way her being a normal person who happens to have the penchant for studying 10yrs in a medical college cannot stick to her own life plan.

Time To Bury Myself..With Words

Well, we all definitely have the penchant for thinking about other people’s issues and ones of our own that don’t even seem to really show up anytime soon on the horizon. Especially when you have goddamn exams, which I have been told to appreciate since there will come a time that I won’t be having any, and that’s supposed to make me feel sentimental about stuffing information down my throat to regurgitate it later. Reading one single text and having to translate it with the help of 3 different dictionaries of 3 different eras, doesn’t help either.

What on earth is the deal with all of this?