The Behenji Booster

This weekend has been a complete blur. I don’t remember it starting, I can’t recall what I filled it with, or even brushing my teeth-forget bathing. I tried to do something I used to be half decent at, ie a print ad for a social cause. But nah. Too bad brain, the lazy body won again.

I wonder if it had to do with a certain injection I got myself. The tetnus jab. After grazing my arm on a hospital door (which is soo sooo stoopid)  I ran and got a freshly refrigerated spit-full of the vaccine. A nurse, who at first seemed like a nice gentle soft spoken thing, told me to go to a room and get a nice meaty part of myself ready for the needle. Everyone knows where that is. The funny thing is that once I was lying there, the nurse sort of transformed…..

She appeared to be a little chirpy. I was told that the injection wouldn’t hurt because I was ‘so strong’ and ‘so good’. I didn’t even ask her anything. But oh well, whatever made her day I guess.

A day later I was woozy as hell. This apparently is a normal side effect, but it kinda boosted a really terrible side of me!
The ‘talk-to-myself-coz-I-can-and-I-wanna’ side! This includes singing really disgustingly stale songs in different voices , saying things of no consequence really loud and repeatedly, and best of all- texting someone non-stop till I end up having a conversation with myself ! This is how it generally goes:

And meanwhile the person’s probably like

…sleeping and hasn’t heard the buzz of the phone yet….

(I’d hate to see the look on his face when he wakes up and checks his phone!)

Well this is how I get when I’m ill and sloppy. Let me know if you do the same, or if you found this post a waste of time. In that case here’s a nice hypnotic Columbian disco track by Quantic for you:

And I shall post an interesting little tidbit when I feel a 100% again. If ever.