The Behenji Does Endometriosis

This WordPress just got a tincy-wincy bit juicier with the domain name change.

So here goes. My first post as The Behenji ™ is a semi sweet update on an achievement.

Endometriosis Cover

Let me clarify; I haven’t ‘achieved’ this illness. The calendar was illustrated by me and is part of the official Endometriosis campaign led by NUH (National University Hospital, Singapore).  The experience was a typical Behenji one. It went from me feeling really enthusiastic (like 10 shots of coffee- enthusiastic) to ‘okay, it’s 4am and I have Breaking Bad on, so I can get through it somehow’,  to ‘kill me,  please I’ll pay you all I have’,  finally landing myself on ‘it’s all done,  now print this and tell me how goes it’.

That happened around 4 months ago. I finally got the calendar a few weeks back and you know what, it gives me some bubbles of pride when I flip through it- not because it’s some exceptional collection of le arte works, but because I feel that this is going to help women and girls out there in a big way.

Nobody's Too Young, Girl


Painful Ouchies Periods

It was a lot of fun seeing Uncles look at this and go ‘mhm, painful- ah I see’. Hey man, truth be told. Periods are real and they’re painful. They shouldn’t be ‘too painful’, apparently –  that’s a symptom of Endometriosis.

Husband wants a baby.


Probably the Most Important Page.
This is an important one. Females who are concerned can use this as their checklist and hopefully not get overwhelmed like the darling in the centre. These statements are more like what people think when they hear about Endometriosis. So none of them are true.

Hand Holding moment


Every Guy's Dream


And here you have it, guys. This page is for all of you who always wondered what it was like inside. Let your fantasies run free with special features like the Pouch of Douglas, the Peritoneum and the flavour-of-the-month….the Small Intestine.

That’s not all, there are 10 more images to the calendar, which you’d have to fly to Singapore for…. or go to Brazil for the international conference. Yep. This baby’s going to Copacabana and I’m not jealous. No.
I’m thrilled that the Endometriosis campaign is reaching out to more audiences, hence making people more aware. So many women have suffered from this, with the misconception that their cycles are supposed to be painful. There is no cure for Endometriosis at the moment, but doctors are working hard to developing ways of alleviating the symptoms and making sure that women take care of themselves appropriately.






One thought on “The Behenji Does Endometriosis

  1. Thank you for helping to educate people about this disease. The simplicity of the design lends to its effectiveness and I hope that many people are helped by your project. It took nearly seven years to get a diagnosis for my endo and that is much earlier than the norm. As this calendar increases awareness of this disease, you may play a direct role in reducing that average. Well done!

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