Clickity Click from ‘Rangoon’ to ‘China’

On the way to Little India, sensing impending mayhem
No journey can start without the breaking of auspicious coconuts!
No journey can start without the breaking of auspicious coconuts!

I walked further along in my quest to find pawnshops and accidentally walked into this…

A Store Room of WATCHES!!!
A Store Room of WATCHES!!!

It was a store room of…you already know. And they were all Casios. So amazing.

Here was the star of the show:

There wasn’t much to talk about, since he was filing his orders. I walked down the street and found a framer’s warehouse.



Glass and wood panels
Glass and wood panels

And the star framer was at it with a very bright painting:


We talked about how framing was a dying craft. He learned the skill from his ancestors, and went on to open this shop. 40 years later his business is thriving, but there’s no one to learn from him…


Walking along, I noticed a studio that was capable of practically anything, with its posters. You want a photograph? You got it. A head shot with your face emerging from the Singapore skyline? YES!

Digi Studio's Hall of Fame
Digi Studio’s Hall of Fame

_MG_8030I tried to click this as peacefully as I could, there was some uncle having his midday peg who decided to give me photography tips like: “Hey you got wrong angle, click from up, so you get the down building. You’re from Italian aren’t you, that’s what I thought..”
Silly drunkard. This shot is just fine! He wanted me to get pigeons flying, which was a great idea, but not something I could orchestrate.


Mr Karim. The face of little India’s authentic sweet shop. My meeting with him was great; he told me about how he came over to Singapore before my father was born, and worked in this sweet shop, which was established in 1947. The barfis in his shop look amazing, all chunky and soft, not to mention multicoloured. I ate a gulab jamun from a plastic cup. It was spectacular.

Coming anywhere near little India, means stuffing your face. Although I came here on an assignment, I couldn’t help my primal instinct when it came to 4pm Appam Hour at Woodlands.

The Hand of the Appam Master
The Hand of the Appam Master with his seasoned pan
A ‘katori’ of coconut milk to make the Appam heavenly…


And then we (my camera and I) went to Chinatown. It was raining like crazy and that didn’t stop folks from waiting in line for pizzas and pork.



I had never been inside the People’s Park Mall, because I never knew it existed. It was interesting.

Eat my...Yeah.
Eat my…Yeah.

I think it was because the items inside were pretty outrageous and un-wearable…if you know what I mean.

Fun day though…I’ll be going to Chinatown again really soon…like in two days time. However, I’ll get to be in the main flea market area. Exciting times ahead.

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