Visiting Memory Lane’s Coolest Randoms

A few years ago I went to Kota. Honestly, it feels like this particular thing happened an hour ago- because this policeman (hopefully a real one) was just too bad ass to forget. Subtitles will be put up soon- basically he came all the way from Delhi to look for a guy . The name mentioned is ‘Tinku’ (macho huh?), who was connected with some Gurdwara, and that’s all he gave us to juggle and scrounge with.

It’s been a while, I would love to say that I hope the cop found the man- but I know the reality; the man wouldn’t have been found yet, and the cop probably had some shady issue on the side.

The Week of Firsts

I worked on a ‘Film Roman’ last week – a film made of still images, and it was pretty interesting. I do think it’s easier than making a full fledged film with movement and dialogue- in terms of editing all that, it does seem a little daunting. But, let’s see. It’s the era of jumping into the deep end, me thinks.

So here’s my Film Roman- I don’t know why, but the Youtube version is super low quality. I hope it doesn’t cause severe squinting. If it does, then oh well it shall be hilarious.

It’s Best to Walk Away and Hide

Tanisha Sharma

So there’s nothing on t.v- no funny shows that are hitting the right bone. Sure, some ”good” ones are winning it big time at the Golden Globes, but since you’re smart you know those awards were bought (ohoo!). If you don’t have an epiphany that makes you realise how crap television is getting, do not- I repeat DO NOT get with a group of people and think you can re-create SNL from the 90’s. It will not work. It well end badly. You may be reduced to tears.

Alright. So today my friends decided to get an improv group going. A person like me who’s only funny in the weirdest of places thought it would be a breeze being a wit-stirrer on cue…obviously not. We were rustier than a tiny screw-nail found underneath the structure of a paan ki dukaan.The only funny part of it all, is that one of us thinks we can ace it in front of a live audience. He is deluded. He will never read my blog, thank God. But he is what he is. A nut for arranging spots for us on the weekend. Am I being pessimistic? Maybe. I don’t know I just wished we had more than 2 hours of having a go at this stuff.

Tanisha Sharma

What is the solution to this shame-inducing situation? A walk down a lonely old alley, of course. It does the trick, I swear. You feel invisible and everything is so mellow around you- it makes you think that you’re not such a dead goose, really. Old alleys are also small, and ease you into that lovely familiar feeling of being swaddled as a baby. Swaddled.

I need to draw.