Does OUTLOOK even look at their Mag?


I was cursed with terrible publishing-ethics while reading the new OUTLOOK edition :


This is dedicated to the horrific incident that strangulated people’s imagination of what limits  public aggression could possible reach . Although, thanks to some really ”intelligent and sensitive leaders” in our country, the identity of the victim/ the warrior/ the emblem of the attacked Indian  woman, has been not exposed- but told to us in all honesty, as any mature people of stature would. 

The articles were strong , head on with facts and photographs of Delhi Youth, out there, being beaten, protesting, staring down the barrel with their quotes underlined- it was all going really tastefully until…..



Yup. Whatever had to happen, did. On the left, there is the tail-end of an article about how women are seen in society, as objects and that nobody in power has really had to say anything about the situation of how women are treated on a daily basis, or even how the law deals with them.



This segment on the left side of the spread, says in the most simplest detail possible that women suffer because of the way they’ve been perceived in the light of sexual-objectification and are deemed easy/wanting sex, although they shouldn’t- whilst simultaneously they shouldn’t refuse sex either. 

But look on the next page. Image


I believe the editor thought it was fit to put this ad in, and in turn the ad-director thought it was apt to advertise toilet bowls with the use of a ‘sexy’ model striking a suggestive pose. The tag line is really great too ‘designs to desire’- because all girls are designed to be desired, just like bowls to shit in. 

So OUTLOOK, you bloody failed. Your intentions are fake and you do not deserve to even publish anything about the female gender. 


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