Please God Don’t Let This Happen To Me

This is ‘Project Glass’ by google. It’s supposed to make you go ”wow” and ”ooh” but I would personally not form my lips in the shape of an awe even if someone paid me $ 20,000 a week. No sir.
The problem is that I’m half way there, and I don’t think I have the capability of stopping the process. I wish technological advancement would halt at some point before it ends up being fed into our brain and crowds our natural sphere of vision.

And the most harrowing thing, is the fact that the dude is constantly talking to himself to give orders to his app-ed brain. So this glass project will imbibe a user with the same characteristic as a mental patient behind  glass doors

One thought on “Please God Don’t Let This Happen To Me

  1. Absolutely! This technological advancement is already becoming a pain in a**. It is interfering in our privacy. I remember sometime back I was chatting with a friend of mine on Facebook iPhone Messenger and I was lying to her that I was at office while my “smart” phone was already sending her my OutOfCity location with each text I was sending. She caught me red handed and kicked my a**!! This was one instance when my smart phone un-smarted me so bad. 😦

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