Curious Case of Behenji Button

My exams are in 14 days and I don’t feel the pinch. I think I’m over all this stuff……In fact, I feel to old to care. Yep-that’s it, I’m an old hag in this 21yr old’s body! The more I think about it, the more I have come to terms with a simple truth about myself: I seriously do not act my age.

Here are the top signs/reasons:

1) I am paranoid about ‘time’. Whether it’s the time to reach a certain place, or the time it takes to travel somewhere.

2) I scold little kids often and get a rise out of it.

3) I always take the side of my 60+ yr old professors in class

4) I love to watch Door Darshan on a rainy day

(The guru dude is hot to listen to…the woman…let’s not start)

5) I cannot stand anyone making noises with their mouths- that includes chewing noises or swallowing noises which some people do as a pastime.

6) If people (usually guests) at home watch their daily Indian soap operas, I HAVE to sit behind them and heckle at the losers on screen. I do this while they say the dialogues. There’s so much stupidity, if I waited for each line to end, I’d run out of time.


7) I’m starting to find every item of food too spicy and rely on cold milk as a cure. That’s exactly what fuddy-duddies do.

8) I always forget a good idea.

9) I randomly finish things at a certain number (includes number of sit ups, salute to the suns, things to write on a list) , under the pretext of it being my lucky digit. In reality, I’m too lazy to go on. But…9 is my lucky number. Shut up.

So what on earth is the remedy to this?
I barely got back from a health check up, and I woke up with granny body cramps! It’s a catastrophe I tell ya. How much older can my soul grow?  If I find that there are others who feel like this, I’m just going to have to blame globalization, and then start an anti-globalization group. On the other hand, when I’m not feeling old and I’m all bubbling with joy- I begin to think that life is really simple….Sometimes when things like that hit you it can freak you out, because you just end up wondering what exactly you forgot to stress about. Or maybe that’s just me.

Take care of yourselves and eat lots of fruit, wear woolens (although its 40 degrees Celsius).