A Week of Doing

I’m super tired and ultra tied up with tiny projects here and there! At the moment I’m working on a chapter from a friend’s life and I need to photograph a sketch I made of her at 1am…I’ve tried twice and I can never get the exposure right to get the details of the sketch in clarity minus the grainy texture of the paper…If anyone out there has any ‘Oooh what about-‘ ideas please email me!
On the whole, the week before last was a scary one. I had to double up as an editor along with a friend (we managed to edit and get the magazine printed together! The reviews? Outstandingly pleasant!) and an exhibition enthusiast (we got a mini exhibition ready, as exposed in my last post. I even took on the role  of an event photographer, capturing as many scenes of the fest as I could, and got backstage access to venues everywhere. Life was good…Until I nearly got busted out of campus!)  So here’s a run down of what my hands were up to during the past week:

Out of all the designs I fleshed out for the Photography Society, this was the chosen one!
I finally got down to making my 'Tea Time Thinker's Notebook'. Made from recycled material
The rear of the Book
Flippity Flip
More books made by me.This one is a travel journal with a design of an ancient Indian cow-to remind me of home
I did my take on the art work of a child artist in Singapore. This notebook is for pure thick and thorough writing
Where I got my Tea Thinker's Notebook idea from. I bought a book, added a cover and slipped behind it labels of teas I sipped

Meanwhile, the design for the magazine cover of Communique (our Mass Communications Journal) had cropped up, in need of a hand to fill its space and bring colour to its life. I tried my hand at it as well:

The first idea of a megaphone
A vintage classy-ish version was thought of next
And finally the end result, with the much appreciated addition of colour splashes done by my friend!
Flippity Flip! Some content inside, the photostory on the right is my own!
Work done by other extremely talented photographers
Another sneak peak!

So that was it. It was a frenzied affair, sprinkled with lots of kicking and screaming, but it was done! Doing things without stopping to imagine how it’d be like if you didn’t have to do stuff, is a real time saver and keeps your energy levels way up there. After having completed everything on my list, I felt like doing much more and now I’m familiar with the ‘hook’ of being a workaholic!


One thought on “A Week of Doing

  1. Brilliant photographs and exhibition. Though I couldn’t get my hands on the magazine. Hats off to you Miss TishKaBoom and your extremely talented mates! 🙂

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