Riding the Crimson Wave

I grab my ”cuppa” this morning and sit myself down on the couch, at 1pm. I have an exam this week and I’ve developed a great routine for procrastinating. The television guide is up on my screen and with each sip my jaw clenches itself and my eyes roll, because this week-the week that I have my exams, they bloody well decide to show the best movies of all time…..

One after the other. Gattaca, V for Vendetta, Taxi Driver,The Mummy (hey I love that one), Out of Sight, Mission Impossible-just to name a few, and it absolutely killed me.

Something To Kick Start The Damn Day

I then went online, and discovered that Mindy Kaling was having her book launch and signing event.

Okay…that was a great read- but what if the first part of what was written didn’t affect you? What if you were like me and you didn’t reach your high point after you left school (throughout which you were totally not involved with anything)? You’ve entered your 20’s and you still don’t know what the hell to do with yourself or where to direct your life. You like so many things, but oh shit-dayum how do you get around to them….You think of ways of making cash here and there by doing the things you luuurve, your little imaginary ventures, while you sit staring at the soft toilet roll in the palm of your hands.Girls like good ol’ Mindy, grew with motives and a master plan tucked into their uniform pockets. I didn’t and that’s what makes me feel older even though my life hasn’t ‘begun’ yet.

These Things Help Me Think

On the flip side you do have young guns out there who have worked out pretty much everything. I bet you know of a young 18yr old who’s just out of school and preparing for her Med Entrances, all set with a wildly amazing final percentage, beaming with pride as she enrolls herself into a good (“but not thaaaat great”) college just for the heck of it, to  pass some time till she gets into a ”reeeaal college”. However, from what I’ve seen, life doesn’t save her tush from the clamp down either. She needs to talk to someone ”reliable” (a behenji like moi) in order to get her head straight about doing this whole med-shebang or not. People with cloudy authority around her (ooh maybe her parents? Gee Whiz) feel strongly about the fact that for a girl, medicine takes way too long to show its shine, and it’s really only for focused people who have the capacity to undertake such a life long serious task. Not this girl, thinking about her boyfriend all the time, likes to sit back and watch inane t.v shows once in a while, enjoys the movies. She’s not “able enough” to take up their annual earnings and proceed with doing something, strangely that she’s after in life (instead of the typical equation of parents forcing medicine onto their kids as a career and study choice). Somehow in some bizarre way her being a normal person who happens to have the penchant for studying 10yrs in a medical college cannot stick to her own life plan.

Time To Bury Myself..With Words

Well, we all definitely have the penchant for thinking about other people’s issues and ones of our own that don’t even seem to really show up anytime soon on the horizon. Especially when you have goddamn exams, which I have been told to appreciate since there will come a time that I won’t be having any, and that’s supposed to make me feel sentimental about stuffing information down my throat to regurgitate it later. Reading one single text and having to translate it with the help of 3 different dictionaries of 3 different eras, doesn’t help either.

What on earth is the deal with all of this?

6 thoughts on “Riding the Crimson Wave

  1. I like the helpful info you provide on your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently. I am reasonably sure I’ll be told lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the following!

  2. Fantastic Read! But I wonder why would it make one feel older if one doesn’t have a life’s plan sorted out yet.. Instead one is lucky to still be young from inside, exploring the world, trying different things (isn’t it more adventurous?) and not stuck with one narrow master plan..like pursuing medical studies for coming 10 years (what if after 2 years she realizes she never wanted to be a doctor, rather she would like to act as a doctor in some movie?). In fact I can’t understand how can a teenager decide so early what he/she wants to be or do for the rest of their lives. It’s more foolish than getting married in childhood ‘cos it’s like committing yourself to something (without actually knowing it) for the rest of your life! So you better counsel that 18 year old before it’s too late. 🙂

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