India’s ‘Crime Patrol’ Succeeds to Stupefy

Last night I bothered to stay awake and watch this:

Crime Patrol Episode 60

It’s Sony channel’s much sought after show, usually dealing with re-enactments of real life cases which have taken place in every nook and corner of this nation. This particular episode took place in Gurgaon- a so called new urban cosmopolitan township off the Southern tip of Delhi, in the state of Haryana.Now this is no rumour or folklore, but patriarchal Haryana scores pretty high in female foeticide and Khap Panchayat ‘death’ rulings. The episode tells us the story of Ankita Sharma, a 24yr old (I don’t see how her marital status is of importance here) who worked (or actually works still) at a pub in one of the high end malls around town. On one particular night in July this year, she got abducted by a group of 4 men who misbehaved with her at her workplace and yearned to seek vengeance on the woman who dared to confront them in their drunken stupor. They grabbed her from her company cab and shoved her into the 4-wheel drive they decided to take to a farmhouse, in order to gang rape her in peace. Now if you watch the cathartic on screen drama, involving action packed cops on a great car chase to rescue the woman (in reality they weren’t this proactive) you feel at ease when the climax of the whole story breaks upon your screen. However, right after your sigh of relief, lo behold the host of the show will place a hot gulab jamun of “moral guidance” usually consisting of the typical “if she had done this, that would have happened, and she wouldn’t have gone through this and that” . In this particular episode, he wistfully looks down the barrel of the camera and tells us viewers that he believes every school should implement ‘Self Defense Training’ for girls from a young age.

This is exactly where I fail to be duped. Looking back at the episode I don’t really see where Ankita could have used her self defense moves. Could she have used them in the well populated pub, where her manager wimpishly stood in the corner during the confrontation? Could she have done a few kicks and punches when 4 men out numbered her and snatched her from a vehicle where 3 other people were seated? Was self defense an option for her when she was being fondled with in a bulky Scorpio by 3 men, while the 4th was speeding away? I don’t think such a statement is feasible.Why couldn’t the dude say something along the lines of instilling the respect for women in boys , from an early stage? Teach that in class rooms (or a “hello son, when you grow up please don’t rape girls” would do) ! And if not, then I’m sorry to sound strange (yet again), however I have no choice but to reinstate that the only solution to such occurrences (especially in Delhi and Haryana-Gurgaon) is for a ‘Curfew for Males’, whereby men are refrained from roaming freely in public places and streets past, say-10.30pm. If you don’t know how to behave in public, do not go out in public. That’s your gulab jamun, goodnight.

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