What Weird Photography Society Presidents Get Up To Do At Odd Hours

So it’s 1am in the morning and holy crap I needed to finalize a society tee by the day before! So here goes the step by step process to insanity over a piece of clothing that costs no more than Rs 250.00 and will fade its guts out in 4 months time.

Step 1) Placement of Camera on T-shirt. I used outlines of bald men with love handles to work a series of styles that people were made to choose from. People in this context mean girls, so girls were made to look at bald-love handle-men outlines to choose which style they think would suit them.
2) When that was decided I did a rough plan of how the camera should look like (since this girl was almost in tears when she saw the last plan, mincing “Uhmm the cameras will look more real than this right?”).

What the Straps of the Camera were sketched as:

Our Logo, which we’ll try to make permanent of the college:
 The Plain Version:

The All Black version- sexy but dangerous (prone to weird looking fade -which is inevitable for tees here, and more costly)
The Perfect Where Have You Been Combo. I hope we go with something like this one

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