The Photowalk at Chandni Chowk

On the 15th of October 6 girls decided to join me on a photowalk to old Delhi. We got off the metro station and asked our way to the first most famous alley way (known as a Galli) called Paranthe Wali Galli.

As I decided to single in on a red-headed man who squatted on the floor I realised that my camera-mates were harpooning him with their ever-shifting lenses that protruded out at his vegetables, his scale, and his face. Seeking a position over his head like an aggressive magpie I yearned to get his vendor selling techniques in more detail, like a searchlight of a helicopter inspecting shrubbery for a criminal’s whereabouts. The redhead stopped, looked up and muttered at me. Bloody cold he was. I decided to inch away and go over to his arch nemesis in the world of street side veggie selling.

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