The Behenji Heads to Europe!

Got my camera packed and some clothes (part of the ‘Things I Dare Not Wear in India’ collection) and I’m off with a trusted notebook and kick ass sunnies!

Now I sit and cross my fingers that I won’t be in the midst of body-odoured ‘Uncles’ with lame ass excuses to touch any part of me (the sadarji in the last flight allowed 10 of his fingers to caress my greasy head before chirping in his delayed-pubertal mannerism of a voice that sounded like it was just breaking; “oh! Sorry I thought you was my Daughter!”) or any psycho kids who relentlessly decide to scream, fight, spit, break any part of the aircraft so they can find a new tv set, or an aunty with a try hard accent and a high threshold to her burping and farting husband. I just pray.

Will hopefully blog from the hotel rooms, but if it seems impossible to , I promise to come back and overload my blog with pent up goss and thoughts

See you Soon!
Muchos Besos!