Straddling with Life at the Airport: How to Kill Time at Airports 101

While I was leaving K.L I was floating around the airport and decided that I’d just keep a note on what I was doing; which was strictly just looking at posters all around me at duty free. This was before I crept on to one of the worst flights of a lifetime, with Indian kids being absolute jungle pests and indian parents being so irritating.

Here are a few of my many observations..and if you’re bored you can comment on what I opined.

So I sadly saw this at one of the duty free outlets and was quite stunned to be honest. The photographer made her look like a hag with no upper lip. I began to wander off looking at different posters of new perfume ranges and saw that Kirsty was done wrongly with.

As for Natalie’s ‘Miss Dior Cherie’ campaigns, I found the first shot more appealing than her cupping her breasts. In the 1st look she looks sassy, yet sure of her self and playful- as that’s what the Miss Dior campaign’s all about. But in the 2nd one…ooh, its rather contrived and nymph like. Her expression is a bit old-ladyish while her slight physique is like a teen    .

On the other hand, some photographers even stuff up when the subject has her clothes on. Penelope is just great and all that, but wearing a black singlet is an example of bad advice. Her look isn’t really going out of her comfort zone, we’ve surely seen this same pout for MNG and what not.

So whats the deal with these campaigns? I have to look into whether people of certain age groups/professions really get the vibe of the stuff being shown to them and whether it gets what it wants.

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